Tailored engineering when quality counts.

Tailored engineering when quality counts.

A Collaborative Approach to Customer Service!

At AI&S we believe one of the strengths to our success, is our collaborative approach to our clients. AI&S encourage all our clients, especially our new clients, to do a tour of our facility, see what work actually goes on there, meet with our staff and discuss directly with those responsible, their expected outcomes, requirements and future order forecasting.

In the month of March, AI&S hosted three new clients to tour our facility. Each of the clients sent their senior management teams to inspect our facilities, inspecting both our fabrication facility and the machine shop. We attended formal discussions in our boardroom, with each party outlining their expectations on a range of topics, from quality of goods, despatch requirements, to expected future sales. A list of take away actions was developed and agreed to, so both parties had a clear understanding of their expectations and what the workload looked like for the next 12 months.

This type of approach not only gives the clients confidence in placing their orders, but also allows them to plan their business around delivery times and goods received. It also allows for the prepurchase of materials to reduce their overall materials cost and accountability. For AI&S, it ensures a constant flow of work through the business and allows greater ability for forecasting and investment back into the organisation. It allows our organisation to ensure we have the right people in the right roles at the right time to overcome any issues that may arise.

It has been stated by others that “the service culture you promote is the foundation of your customer experience. To begin creating an outstanding customer service experience, it is vital to identify individuals with the right skills to be a part of your customer support team.”

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