Meet the Team

George Kloboucek


George has been the Director of Associated Iron & Steel since 1986. Migrating from the Czech Republic in his early life, George has over 40 years’ experience in the steel fabrication business.  He is responsible for the direction and day to day running of the company.  He is passionate about quality, safety and customer satisfaction. 

Ann Kloboucek

Company Director

Together with George, Ann is the other Director of Associated Iron & Steel. Ann played an influential role in improving management procedures as the business grew into the market leader it is today. Ann is currently responsible for the accounts on a part-time basis. Ann brings a wealth of experience to the company with over 30 years of accounting and management experience.

Nathan Kloboucek

General Manager

Nathan brings both trade and management expertise to the team and is responsible for major customer projects.  From liaising with clients and suppliers to scheduling jobs, Nathan plays a pivotal role in client’s achieving their requirements on time and on budget.  Nathan is also responsible for our Human Resources and IT requirements.

Lisa Kloboucek


Lisa is the first person you will talk to.  She answers the phones, handles the accounts, payroll and service agreements. Lisa’s background is in marketing and analytics so when she is not busy with administration matters, she helps identify new opportunities and improvements to our business.

Robert Bingham

Production Manager

Robert manages our production schedule to ensure that all jobs are progressing as required.  Rob’s role also includes liaison with suppliers and customers, as well as liaison with the Foreman and staff.  Robert has a wealth of trade and management experience with Associated Iron & Steel and has been with the company over 18 years.