Case Studies

Discover how Associated Iron & Steel has serviced our client needs and get some insight into how we can assist you with your requirements.

Case Study: A leading materials handling company


In order to meet Australian standards, a global company’s equipment (imported from overseas from countries such as the United States and Italy) needs modifications prior to sale in Australia. This is to ensure they adhere to Australian Standards and can also be modified to meet specific customer requirements. In addition to this, the company also requires assistance with servicing and breakdown repairs on their existing equipment.


The company required the services of a general engineering workshop, one which could design and fabricate items depending on the situation.

They are continually having prototypes for machine modifications fabricated and machined here in the Associated Iron & Steel (AI&S) workshop.

When the company required repairs/ breakdowns or minor modifications to existing machinery the service staff would contact an AI&S staff member to meet them on site and assess their requirements.

When parts were required for conformity to Australian Standards, test equipment or optional extras for their extensive range of materials handling equipment, our relationship with all involved is critical. One of the company’s engineers would first design a part or assembly then send to AI&S for pricing. If acceptable, the order for a prototype unit would be sent to AI&S. AI&S would work out a procedure for the fabrication of the item required, discuss material availability with the engineer, then work towards getting a finished item out at the quickest possible time so that the unit can be tested on a machine. If the part needed any minor modifications it would come back to AI&S for a change.

AI&S works closely with engineers/service managers at the company to get the desired outcome at the best cost in the best possible timeframe.

Why Associated Iron & Steel?

The company has been in business with AI&S for over 10 years. They initially approached us after searching for a provider that could deliver to them a service that included fabrication and also the capability to machine and press components all in the one place.

AI&S was able to keep lead times down to a minimum and also keep the costs down, by not having to outsource its machining or folding and also by charging a one flat rate for work whether it be tradespeople fabricating an item or a large machining job.