Tailored engineering when quality counts.

Tailored engineering when quality counts.

Everything old is new again!

Everything old is new again.

At AI&S we not only fabricate new components and equipment, including prototypes, but we also carry out refurbishment and repairs on old or damaged units making them near new again.

One client recently had several items NDT tested for serviceability. Unfortunately it was revealed there were many defects in the welds and several cracks in the material, rendering them unserviceable. AI&S carried out the refurbishment work to fix the issues and retested once complete. This extended the life of the unit and added value to the clients asset.

A customer in the hire equipment industry, brought to AI&S a unit that was damaged by their client. AI&S removed the bent and twisted items and welded back new pieces ensuring the integrity of the item for future use. AI&S were also sent a piece of equipment where the housing had worn away due to misalignment and continued wear. AI&S reclaimed all surfaces by rebuilding the material on the wear areas.

Obviously the clients see the benefits of extending the life of their asset, but the community does as well. The refurbishing of these items means less waste going to landfill.

Do you have an asset that needs its life extended a few more years, then call us now to see how we can help.

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