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Breakdown Repairs

Do you have parts or equipment that require repairs urgently or require preventative maintenance?

At Associated Iron & Steel we fabricate and machine a wide variety of parts across a number of industries.

We understand that the performance of equipment is essentially determined by its availability. Regular care and maintenance are therefore indispensable to ensure maximum availability. We have quality experienced tradespeople who can offer help and advice to make sure that the quality of your equipment is maintained over the long-term.

We can fabricate parts from a drawing or replicate directly from an existing part.

If your equipment cannot be brought to our workshop, we also offer on-site services and repairs.  One of our experienced managers will come and make an assessment on cost and time frame.  Following that, one of our qualified tradespeople will carry out the work, always with a focus on quality.  Our tradespeople are self-sufficient and will bring welders and generators as required.

We are committed to safety and all work, in the workshop and on-site, is carried out in accordance with our safety policies and procedures.

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Flange Machining and Modifications.

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