Tailored engineering when quality counts.

Tailored engineering when quality counts.

Skid Steer Repairs!

Did you know that AI&S has a long history of being able to repair damage to the structural components of a skid steer?

While we can’t help you with any mechanical problems you may have from damage sustained in an accident, we can repair any other part of the machine.

  • Bent arms.
  • Bucket re-alignment (so it scrapes level).
  • Rear tower repairs from damage sustained in roll overs.
  • Damaged pins can be replaced.
  • Damaged pin bosses built up and machined back to original.
  • Bucket repair.
  • Bucket cutting edge and sides of bucket hard facing (give your edge 200% longer life!)
  • Deformed chassis pulled back into shape.
  • Cracks in welds can be repaired and tested.
  • Panel and door repair.
  • We are more than just a smash repairer for skid steers.

Not only will we fix the item in question, we will if available, give advice on how to strengthen your machine so that it won’t happen again.

Site visits available depending on distance from workshop.

Give Nathan or Rob a call and we can have you running smoothly again in no time.