Tailored engineering when quality counts.

Tailored engineering when quality counts.

Something Different! Custom Made Letterboxes and Outdoor Furniture.

Every once in a while we have a customer who would like made for them a decoration, a piece of art, some outdoor furniture frames or even a letterbox that is not available anywhere in any store. 

If you strive for something that is different to set your house or place of business apart from all the other same boring mass produced parts that everyone else has then working with us to have your idea turn into a reality is very easy.  

Contact us with what you imagine, we will work through it step by step to bring that thought into reality.  Yes we are in the western suburbs of Brisbane, but with most of our business conducted electronically the design and planning stage is easilly done.  Even if you live in Perth on the other side of the country we can get your work to you easilly. 

In most cases we draw up a 3D model (depending on the complexity) of the item that is to be made so you can see and be happy with what you are about to purchase. 

View below at a couple of the items we have made.  

A steel frame for a bench seat. Also a letterbox that was made and installed by AI&S here in Brisbane. Take a look at the size of that, we had to crane it in.  

Call or email us for a quote. 

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