At Associated Iron & Steel we are committed to investing in state of the art equipment to provide for all our customer’s requirements. We also regularly review our equipment to ensure that we continue to be at the forefront of the latest technology.

CNC 220 Tonne Brake Press & 3000mm Guillotine

We have the capability to produce any custom bent profile that is desired. Our 220 tonne brake press can fold items up to 4.1m and 12mm thick mild steel. To accompany the 220 tonne press we have a 3000mm Guillotine capable of cutting between 3-12mm.

Quantum CNC Machining Centre

With a table size of 2330mm x 760mm our CNC Machining Centre should meet all your requirements. It has a Longitudinal travel (X- axis) of 2000mm, Cross Travel (Y- axis) of 890mm and Vertical Travel (Z – axis) of 870mm.

CNC Milling Machine Kiheung Combi-u6

Has a working surface of 2200x600mm. The working table is capable of holding 3 tonne and machining tooling has a travel of 1600mm longitudinal travel and 750mm cross travel.

Robot Welder Fanuc ArcMate 100iB

Has a working area of 1800x1200mm. High speed cutting and welding processes, the Fanuc ArcMate 100iB is a six-axis robot and is paired with a Lincoln power wave 455/STT. The Power Wave 455M/STT® is a high performance, digitally controlled inverter power source designed for robotic applications.

Leadwell LTC-35 CNC Turning Centre

Has a chuck size of 381mm with a maximum turning length of 3006mm. The live tooling option turns the turret into multiple auxiliary spindles. The turret spindle supports milling, drilling and tapping. The headstock spindle has a fully programmable servo axis with the C-Axis option.

Leadwell V-40L CNC Vertical Machining Centre

Bed capacity is 1120x610mm with a tooling travel of 1020mm on the X AXIS and 635mm on the Y AXIS. It has a table load wait of 800kg and a tool storage capacity of 24.

Leadwell LTC-25ILM

The “Baby Brother” of the LTC-35 that is seen above. This lathe is almost an exact replica only smaller. 45 degree slant bed with a travel of 1050mm and a bar capacity of 77mm this lathe is ideal for all our smaller parts. Having 12 tool stations makes this an effective asset in our machinery department.

Manual Lathe Microweily TY-2660

This lathe has an over cross slide swing of 460mm and maximum length of 1530mm.

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