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Excess Stock Sale!

Fri, 06/21/2013 - 09:29 -- zenno



Hello everyone, 

we have some materials that are not an off the shelf product. 

A couple of these sizes are items that need to be ordered in from the mills in sling quantity. 

We are selling them by the length 8M long each (we can cut the length down for transportation purposes if required). 

Sizes and grades: 


  • 65x35x3 RHS Grade:450 @ 8000mm long each.  (30 lengths available)
  • 40x40x4 SHS Grade: 350 @ 8000mm long each.  (28 lengths available)
  • 40x40x3 SHS Grade: 450 @ 8000mm long each.  (20 lengths available) 


Please call for a price. 

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