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Hydraulic Piston Rods

Wed, 08/06/2014 - 11:23 -- zenno


Did you know that AI&S can supply you with repairs or replacement hydraulic cylinder rods?

If you have a worn or damaged thread we can repair it and have it back in service very quickly.  If the shaft itself is worn, corroded or damaged a replacement shaft will need to be ordered.  We use multiple suppliers of the hard chrome bar so waiting for material to arrive is never an issue. Your new bars will be sent back to you wrapped in cardboard so as to protect the critical shaft body. 

Damaged or worn eyes on the end of rods can also be removed and replaced with ease.  We have the trades people and the correct procedures to ensure a correctly repaired item.

Send us the damaged rod and we can have it replicated in days.  We understand how important it is for your machines to be back in action ASAP. 

I have attached a picture of a forklift tilt cylinder rod that we have recently machined. 

Call or email any questions or ask for a quote.









Click the image for a larger version. 

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