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New Product: Excavator Lifting Eye Kits

Thu, 06/06/2013 - 13:41 -- zenno


AI&S has been making an installing and selling lifting eye kits for excavator buckets for over 10 years.  With the new website we can now advertise this to everyone. 

The product can either be supply and install by AI&S tradespeople here in the workshop, or on site. That is not all, we also have a do-it-yourself kit available for postage to anywhere in Australia.  So if you are a competant welder, or can arrange for one to be at your site (if in Brisbane just ask AI&S, our on-site rates are very competetive and quality is guaranteed) the the posted kit would be ideal for you.  The item are designed for front load excavator buckets similar to the one shown in the photograph.  

Our kits are Safe Work Load certified up to 1500Kg as long as they are installed as per AI&S installation instructions that are supplied with the kits.  Each kit comes with a machined cover plate that must be welded near the eye, it states the date of manufacture. The kit also contains the eye itself and a backing plate. 

These kits have been sent as far north as Cairns and as far south as Melbourne. So if you operate from a rural property this item will be a valuable asset to your machinery.   

The product costs $210.00 + G.S.T (delivery not included in this cost). 

If requested an engineers certificate of compliance can be forwarded with the product. 

PH: (07)3376-1277 for more information if required. 



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