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We'll post four jobs here that really showcase AI&S's ability to diversify and work to the customers needs. 

The first job is a Pivot Shaft that must be replicated. With no provided drawings AI&S used precision measuring equipment to replicate the part given to us in the form of a 3D model.  We can now create the part from scratch upon request. 

Original Part: 















3D Model of Part:













The next is a Stainless Steel Manifold for an iron ore processing facility.  AI&S can work with any ferrous or non ferrous metal.  














Now we have a basic prodution run of a number of generator brackets, laser cutting the parts was the first step, then folding, assembly, pre-welding QA/QC, welding then finally the power coating and final QA/QC checks. Here the brackets are shown just after the midpoint QA/QC checks. 















Last but not least a backflow air manifold.  Entailing machining work and fabrication work to exacting specifications for the above ground mining field. 

















Ask us today what we can do to help your company produce a quality product. 

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