Hard Facing

As of March 2019, Associated Iron & Steel has begun the process of hard-facing and also tungsten chip hard facing using our Lincoln Electric robot welder.

At the end of April 2019, we have processed over 2.5 tonnes of hard-facing welding wire and 200kg of tungsten chip, it was a great start to what we hope would be a valuable expansion to our companies’ capabilities.

If you are here reading this, we assume that you will know about the benefits of hard-facing and also tungsten chip hard-facing which have greatly extended ground engaging and other high impact processes tool life. That means less downtime, less costs. As parts do not need to be replaced as often.

The robot is setup to run at perfectly calculated feed and speed rates. The gravity fed tungsten chip delivers the chips into the weld pool and distributes them all through the surface of the weld, it does not just sit on top of the weld. You can see this below in the test piece that we cut in half. This will enhance the wear resistant properties until the parent metal is hit.

If you have a part that needs to be hard faced either by tungsten chip or with hard-facing wire and you wish for the job to be done professionally, there is no other alternative than to contact us. We guarantee a quality finished product.

Please see our photographs below of some of the hard-facing jobs that we have completed.

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